Rules and Regulations



My pledge to you is to give the best quality care, next to you, in your absence. I will provide age appropriate activities to encourage physical development, social development, as well as emotional development. I will provide a safe, clean environment in which to play and learn through a variety of group activities, individual play, and quiet periods. At Hand in Hand, we are parent friendly. We welcome parents to visit or call at any time, and we seriously consider all parent suggestions and comments.

Trial Period

Because we are dedicated to providing only quality care, and because we care deeply for all children, there may be times, unfortunately, when the care we provide is not suitable for certain children or families. Therefore we must impose a trial period of two weeks, after which, if the care we provide is inappropriate for the child, for whatever reasons, we will decline from providing care.

Parents will be given two weeks notice of termination of care to allow them to search for alternate care.

Respectfully, if the parent feels the care we provide is not suitable for their child or their family, the parent has the right, after the trial period, to terminate the care. A written two-week notice is to be given.


Hand In Hand Childcare & Preschool is open from 6am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. If your child must arrive early or stay late there is a charge of $1.00 per minute per child. An average daycare day for any child is 10 hours. Any hours longer than 10 hours falls into the extended day.

Meals and Snacks

We are committed to providing healthy meals and snacks for the children based on federal food guides. These meals, (Breakfast and Lunch) will include one-third the daily totals in all four-food groups. Snacks will be served of fruits, vegetables, or whole grain products. With the rare, special occasion, junk foods will not be served.

Supplies and Equipment

Hand In Hand Childcare &Preschool prides itself on its well-stocked toy, reading, and arts area. With the exception of a weather appropriate change of clothing, which every child must have, it is a rare occasion when parents are asked to help keep our supplies up. If by chance we require additional supplies or equipment from the parents, we will put these requests in writing and will set a date by which these items will be required. However, any clothing donations or reasonably priced toy will gladly be accepted.


Emergency telephone numbers are posted at each telephone, as are our evacuation plans. Once a month the children and the staff will practice these fire, emergency, and severe weather evacuation plans.

In the event of a serious accident or illness, the parent will be contacted immediately. If the parent is not available we will notify the “emergency contact person” of the problem. Parents MUST fill out the “EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE PERMISSION FORM”, which will allow Hand In Hand Daycare to seek emergency aid for your child.

First Aid Certified personnel will tend to any child who receives a minor cut or bruise. A report of such accidents will be filled out by a staff member in attendance, one copy of the report will go to the parent and one copy will be placed in the child’s file.


We are under very strict guidelines with regards to disease control. Hence there may be times when we are either forced to send an ill child home, or not to accept an ill child into care. For that reason parents would be wise to have a plan for alternate care. If the child becomes ill while at my home, we will do everything possible to comfort the child until the parent or emergency contact person arrives to take the child home. The child will be isolated from the other children.

Parents will be notified and required to remove the child immediately if a child exhibits any of the following symptoms:

* Fever of 100 or above

* Persistent diarrhea

* Severe coughing

* Difficult or rapid breathing

* Conjunctivitis (pink eye)

* Unusual spots or rashes

* Vomiting

* Yellowish color of the eyes or skin (jaundice)

* Difficulty swallowing

* Have a runny nose with green mucus secretion as this is a sign of an


Or any other symptoms, which in the opinion of the caregiver, indicate the possible presence of a contagious disease such as, chicken pox, measles, impetigo, etc. The daycare may need to close if there has been an occurrence of certain germs, ect., which would require the entire house to be disinfected. Parents would be notified immediately if this occurs.

Parents will be notified of contagious diseases affecting the children at our daycare home. A child with a communicable disease will NOT be re-admitted into care until the period of contamination is passed or until the child has fully recovered form his or her illness. A doctors note may be required to return to daycare.

When medication, either prescription or over the counter, is involved in the child’s care, the parent MUST fill out, sign and date a PERMISSION TO ADMINISTER MEDICATION form. These are to be filled out for each and every medication.

In order to maintain enrollment parents will not be refunded if your child is sick. No deduction of fees will be given due to illness. In the event of my illness or a family emergency, and daycare must be cancelled for the entire day, a refund or credit will be given. If I have cared for your child for any part of that day no credit or refund will be given.


Transportation and Field Trips

Hand in Hand Childcare & Preschool is located in the Nora Elementary School district. Children who attend there may ride the bus to my house as the bus stops in front of Hand in Hand Daycare.

Field trips-All children MUST obey the following transportation rules (1) children are to wear appropriate seat restraints, (2) children are to leave the vehicle curb-side of the road only, (3) once outside the vehicle, children must stay beside the vehicle, keeping one hand on the side of the vehicle at all times, and (4) when preparing to enter or exit the vehicle, the children line up in an orderly fashion to be accounted for. Parents are to be sure that their children understand these rules.


We believe that children need guidance, understanding, and a few easy-to-follow rules in order to learn appropriate behavior. It is our policy to help children learn appropriate behavior by establishing clear limits, explaining those limits in a positive way when it is necessary for a child to understand why the limit is there, by using the time-out method to calm a child when necessary. We believe one minute per the child’s age is a sufficient time-out period.

Our three simple rules pretty much encompass our philosophy: (1) you may not hurt yourself, (2) you may not hurt others, (3) you may not hurt things, furniture, toys, etc.

Children who cannot be managed using these measures and are consistently presenting a discipline problem for the caregiver will be required to withdraw from care.

Substitute Caregivers

To help us through illnesses, holidays, doctor appointments, we may need to rely on substitute caregivers. We will do our best to help the children get to know our substitute care givers before they are left in charge, and whenever possible, we will let parents know when a substitute will be used. Hand in Hand Daycare will not, however, be responsible for finding alternate care children in cases of sick children, personal vacations, maternity leave, etc. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If needed, we may be able to suggest some names of other providers for you, the parents, to use.

Releasing a child from care

Unless otherwise instructed by the child’s parents we will only release children to the four people listed on the “CHILD PICK-UP” form that you filled out for your child. If we have never seen this person who is to pick your child up we do require identification, such as a driver’s license. This person must also have the proper car seat or booster seat, required by state law, to transport the child. If they do not Hand in Hand Child Care may have one available to borrow.

Parent Participation

It is the Law that parents are to have unrestricted rights to any part of the home where the child is in care. We respect that right. Moreover, we encourage and welcome parents to visit at anytime. It is our belief that parents participation enhances the quality of care a child receives. Parents are free to join any of our activities.

Child Abuse

All caregivers are required by law to report any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect.

Parent Contract

During the pre-admission interview parents will be given a copy of our parent contract to review. If a parent chooses to place their child in the care of “Hand In Hand Childcare & Preschool” this form MUST be completed, dated and signed by both the parent and the director.

Part Time Care

If your child is accepted into Hand in Hand Childcare & Preschool as a part-time child there is a two day minimum to hold your child’s spot in my home.


When you arrive the first day please have ALL of the paperwork completed as well as a copy of your child’s birth certificate and shot records and any known food or other allergies brought to my attention.