Quality Child Care

What Does This Mean?

Well, it means a lot of things. Is it important?  I'll let you decide.

1. It means that we, your child care providers, have gone through a lot to ensure you receive the best, quality child care we can provide, because we care.

2. We each have undergone a physical to ensure that we are strong & healthy so we can care for and meet the needs of your child properly.

3. We ALL have a yearly TB test so we won't pass any communicable diseases to your child.

4. We ALL have extensive background checks every 2 years both statewide & nationwide.

5. I am fingerprinted every 2 years to ensure I have no past or present criminal history.

6. We have ALL had Infant & Child CPR, First Aid & Universal Precautions certification to ensure your child is in capable hands should something unforeseen arise.

7.  The resident (2) canines have been examined by the vet and vaccinated. Dutchess is an Australian shepherd mix & Sadie is a lab & German shepherd mix. Both are super friendly (both to kids and adults)  and been raised from puppies around children. 

8.  Inspections, by the State of Indiana, are conducted of our child care home on a yearly basis.

9. We have 4 smoke alarms & 3 fire extinguishers just in the child care area of my home. We have also recently added a carbon monoxide detector. 

10. Our Fire Escape Plan and Emergency Plan are posted as well as participating in monthly fire drills.

11. Posted by the telephone are Police, Fire, Ambulance & Poison Control numbers.

12. Notification to the Fire Department of my child care home is done on a yearly basis.

13. "Safe Sleeping Practices" is a class that is required to take to reduce the risk of SIDS.

14. I have returned to college to get a CDA or Childcare Development Associate. I have successfully finished ALL of my classes as of September 2010. YEAH!!! They are "Introduction To Early Childhood Education, Safety & Nutrition, Curriculum In Early Childhood Education & The CDA Credential.

15. I am on the Federal Food Program to ensure your child is recieving balanced meals and snacks imperative for proper growth & development. This includes quarterly inspections of my kitchen, meal practices, sanitation procedures, menus as well as refrigerator & freezer  temperatures. We also attend meetings reguarding healthy meals and snacks and any new regulations at least twice per year. I very much enjoy cooking & love to try new recipes.  As often as possible I involve the children into the planning & cooking process. They LOVE to help! 

 16. I am participating in the Paths To Quality program to ensure your child is receiving High Quality Child Care. I am currently a Level 3 ! I have received a $700 grant enabling me purchase many wonderful items for my child care home.  I also received a $300 incentive for becoming a Level 2 and $300 more for becoming a Level 3! With these monies I have put careful thought into purchases that would benefit the children the most.  I have purchased 1.) A beautiful, colorful 8x12 foot area rug  2.)  A dramatic play island with hooks and a mirror & shelves for dress up clothes, shoes, hats & accessories  3.) A soft, colorful, vinyl activity pad for the babies  4.) Soft blocks with clear panels for pictures  5.) Finger paints 6.) Small toddler table with 4 chairs  7.) Preschool stove, refrigerator & sink  8.) Music CD & 12 scarves for large motor skill building activities  9.) Bug, Leaf, & Dinosaur rubbing plates  10.) Hold A Ring walking rope