Our goal, at Hand In Hand Daycare, is to help your child to develop important skills and to achieve control their bodies. When children learn how to control their bodies their attention span increases and they become open to learning which leads to better success in school. 

We are very excited to introduce to you our preschool program. We use FunShine Express Preschool.  I have been teaching a home based preschool program for over 15 years and it never gets old.  FunShine Express Preschool, with the help of me, will teach your child all of the skills & necessary experiences they need to begin school successfully.  

We teach, not only the basics, such as colors, numbers, letters & shapes. We also teach your children things such as calendar, weather, seasons, physical education, art, music, poetry, games, fingerplays, our 5 senses, science, cooking, language arts, measuring and both gross & fine motor skills. Part of presenting children with the opportunities is keeping it interesting and inviting even though we are doing a lot of the same repetitive movements. You might find your child doing, what you might think, are some pretty unusual things but we must give every child ample opportunity to develop these important skills.

Gross Motor Activities which build strength and coordination of large muscle groups are important for Gross Motor Development. Our activities for improving these skills include: parachute play, bean bag toss, dancing with scarves or ribbons, basketball, gymnastics, crawling through a tunnel, obstacle courses, balloon toss, kick the ball, hopscotch, catch the ball, ring toss, baseball, sidewalk chalk, red light - green light, songs which include full body movement (Head and Shoulders, Knees & Toes) roll the ball, tumbling, nature walks, races, climbing, bouncing the ball, swinging, riding bikes, ring toss, Charades, making music with instruments both purchased & made by the children, balance beams, tiptoeing, crawling, galloping & jumping, just to name a few. 

Small Motor Activities involve fine motor control and the movement of the hand muscles. This is extremely important for children to master these skills to continue to gain independence and to build the muscles in their fingers to begin writing. We master these skill by providing activities such as playdoh, cookie cutters, rolling pins, pinching clothespins, measuring, pouring, small blocks, duplos, puzzles, water play, sand play, tracing, writing, coloring, finger painting, lacing beads, tinker toys,  turning pages, finger-plays, water beads, insta-sno,  shaving cream, Lincoln logs, cutting with scissors, lacing cards, using tongs & felt board, just to name a few.

  Our hands-on activities use audio, kinetics, phonological awareness and visual modes of learning. The discussions and interactions we include as a part of their daily learning increase verbal skills and expand the children's knowledge of the world around them. We do learn some sign language as well as a few Spanish words each month. 

We also introduce manners into the daily routine at a very early age. Please & Thank You are magic words & will go a long way! They learn to respect themselves, their friends & adults and we have very few behavior problems as a result.